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Re: when I learned the psych of some Ethiopians about Eritrea, Eritrea should consider its stance towards Tplf

Post by Sadacha Macca » 29 Jun 2020, 18:38

quindibu wrote:
26 Jun 2020, 23:04
Sadacha Macca wrote:
26 Jun 2020, 22:38

Those same gallas are the ones whose son agreed to return the same badme

Gallas like kemal galchu also led successful military operations that cut off your supply lines in the last war.
:lol: :lol: :lol:

Yep. 'General' Kemal Gelchu......I remember how his tanks and military men rolled into Addis as victors! :P

The question remains the same, my friend. MInd you, I didn't even ask about the Oromo Generals who were the majority in the dergue's and HIM's military, and who were chased away from Eritrea...... :roll:

Yes. I believe agreed to return Badme because you're generous and civilized..... :P I guess, you just hang your fellow countrymen from poles in broad daylight and cut their throats with machetes just to pass time, right? :P

Yep. The rule is, victors surrender, not dictate...... :P

yet you couldn't use your mighty army to to take badme after decades? you cried on here to ethiopians, and to the world, for it, for years, and yet u claim military superiority?? why not take it by force if you guys were/are so superior? because it's all empty rhetoric!
you guys claim to be victors, yet you could not take little old badme back? what happened to this tough talk, then? couldn't put it into action, ay?

eritrea is f'd up too. stop acting like its heaven on earth when your people flee daily to other countries. you even have some of your people living as refugees in tigray, the place you claim to be home of your enemies, even though your tyrant wedi isayas is of partial agame descent, as we all know.
if eritrea were soooo superior, why are you on here crying to us about badme, why not just take it and shut up forever??
why did multiple colonizers run through you guys and have their ways with you, from egypt to turkey to italy??
come on man, we are not strangers, we know each other well, we're neighbors; you can lie to faranjii, not to us!
now... go worship isayas the partial agame, while you claim to hate those same agames he descends from. LOL!

P.S.-No single oromo is advocating for ''the return of tplf,'' and we know, it was OPDO and ANDM, who the eplf helped create because they wanted to build poor eritrea and poor tigray with southern + oromo resources too... and... who enabled the tplf to rule for so long, they couldn't have ruled for 1 year, forget about over 25 years; without the help of oromo and amhara hodams.
every ethnic group has their fair share of traitors, idiots, fools, but today... tplf is not the problem, they are not the ones killing throughout ethiopia, so if you got a problem with them, man up and fight them; tell isayas to send his army, instead of you guys all crying online to us about them. like it or not, tplf played a big role in taking the derg down too, 2nd to EPLF only, and keep in mind that, if they didn't play a role, the EPLF would not have been so adamant about maintaining their military alliance with tplf intact, for years, and you know as we do, that the tplf and eplf fought side by side, this is history, regardless of how much hatred either side has for the other today. you cannot change the historical truths no matter how much you cry and throw fits like an angry kid who didn't get what they wanted. tplf and others, despite their many many sins and faults, played a role in crushing the old amhara elitist system, that we all despised and in which our people suffered under. they later became corrupt and evil too, and now you see their fate; stuck in mekelle hotel.
You quoting abba dula, a famous oromo banda and traitor, is also hilarious and shows how stupid you are, and how little you know about ethiopian-oromo politics. he was one of the tplf's best dogs for years, it was qeerroo who gave him the guts to finally be free of them.

if you need to be verbally spanked and educated more, continue posting!!

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Re: when I learned the psych of some Ethiopians about Eritrea, Eritrea should consider its stance towards Tplf

Post by abel qael » 29 Jun 2020, 19:57

Sadacha, you are absolutely wrong on many scores, actually Fed-Up is right with some of what he said( I say this about him for the first time ever.)
You are wrong in many scores, to name a few:1) EPLF actually opposed TPLF for creating OPDO and ANDM puppets, it wanted TPL to work with OLF and EPRP, so it could not have hand in creating them, they were 100% manufactured by TPLF and served it as its cheap puppets and water carriers.... they had literally no other use than being puppets who killed and robbed their respective tribes.
2) Do not read backwards, second guessing TPLF at this is not right, TPLF was moving and shaking all its puppets and enemies in its hey days, at that time TPLF really did not need any of its puppets to rule, it replaced them freely any time it wanted, the only problem is debreporno and co were sleeping on the wheel after Meles died and Samora and Seare sold out our Army for nada.
3) TPLF does not want to come to aratkillo, it has said it even months before Meshrefet came to aratkillo, but if it wants it can do it any time.
Remember: 6 of 9 TPLF executives were permanently sent to Tigray and only 3 remained in Addis months before Meshrefet was even on the radar. TPLF knew how much it ignored Tigray and developed the thankless other Ethiopians. This going back home is irreversible.

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