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How to get free F16s and F15s from the United States: Blackmail

Post by IntelReport » 23 May 2020, 02:07

Copy it from the Egyptians!

The Egyptians blackmailed the United States for military aid or else Egypt will go to war with Israel and block the Suez canal. These are the two leverages the Egyptians have.

What leverages do the Ethiopians have to get military aid?

1. Block the Nile and cause droughts and millions of deaths in Egypt. The consequences of this is the rise of Al Qeeda which will threaten Israel and then which will threaten the Suez canal.

We need a smart foreign minister.

We need Girma Birru, we need the genius Girma in here to blackmail the United States into providing billions of dollars of weapons for us.

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