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Discussion: Egypt is a gift to Ethiopia by Ethwar

Post by IntelReport » 23 May 2020, 02:04

I can't believe not anyone has ever seen this from Ethwar's perspective. Ask yourself, why does Egypt get billions of dollars of military aid from the United States?

1. It's to keep the Egyptian-Israeli friendship
2. It's to keep Egypt stable and Suez canal open

What does this mean for Ethiopia?

1. Ethiopia should blackmail the United States into giving military aid. How can the country do this? What leverage does the country have?

Ethiopia should tell the United States that we will block the entire river and build a second dam or the United States could provide a 2 billion dollar annual military aid.

Why would the United States do this?

The complete blocking of the Nile would cause a civil war in Egypt resulting in extremism and therefore a risk to Israel. Remember everything is about Israel and protecting the trade links.

The United States will then provide Ethiopia with $2 billion dollar military aid yearly to make peace with Egypt.

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