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Raya Rayuma has been part of Tigray since the Aksumite times

Post by EthioRedSea » 22 May 2020, 03:32

95% of the population in Raya Rayuma speaks Tigrigna and has Tigrayan culture. 98% of the population is Orthodox Chiristian.

The Amhara in Raya are migrants from other regions of Ethiopia from Shoa. They are located in the towns of Korem, Almata and Kobo. The country side of Raya is entirely Tigrayan. There is also Oromo influence in Raya, but the number of Oromos speaking is quite few.
The Rayans dress like south east Asians ( Srilanka), but this does not mean they are asians.

The plateau or mountainous regions of Raya ( Bora Slowa, Bokra, Debar, Alje, Samre etc) enjoy one of the oldest Christian cultures in the world and are Tigrayan out and out. They are bound by the laws of the old testament and accept the new Testament. Each Orthodox church has a sample the Holy Bible in Geez in Brana ( sheep/goat's skin). They baptise their children in the nearest Church usually a few metres away.

Tigrigna in Raya is original. Rayans living in Town use amharic words. But those in villages speak Tigrigna only.

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Re: Raya Rayuma has been part of Tigray since the Aksumite times

Post by Andertan » 22 May 2020, 11:13

Raya has very small Tigrayan history you clown, in fact king Biedemariam of Lalibela converted them to Orthodoxy in 14th century , the original clan of the land is Dobea I believe and during the 17th century the Gallas changed the culture and King Yohanes exterminated all the Gallas in Raya and establishing it as a tigrayan province

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