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Mandela, Extraterrestrials, and Coronavirus Pandemic

Post by Naga Tuma » 22 May 2020, 01:48

After coming up on by chance some news analysis or documentary about the late President Nelson Mandela in the late 1990's, I imagined of a movie script for Hollywood. Yes, I was that ambitious and the script was meant to be for free.

I was touched by the story that I heard in the news analysis or documentary, baffled by the extent to which a human faculty can be enslaved to institute Apartheid in South Africa, and then imprison a man for so long for opposing it in his native country.

I might have written a draft that was meant to be published. I wish to find it somewhere someday.

The intent of the fictional Hollywood movie was to liberate the enslaved faculty by imagining a fictional invasion of Planet Earth by extraterrestrials and by showing humanity rising together to defend the common home against the invading extraterrestrials. It didn't matter whether these extraterrestrials were fictional or real. What mattered more was a common understanding by humanity to defend the common home.

The late President Nelson Mandela was very popular at the time.

The movie scene starts with the extraterrestrials invading humanity's common home, followed by President Clinton calling President Mandela to mobilize a global response in order to defeat the invasion. The idea of the fictional movie was that simple. At the same time, it was imagined to liberate humanity as a whole in order to defend the common home together.

At that time, I did not have the faintest idea that a terrestrial microscopic virus would invade Planet Earth from China to U.S.A., Italy to Brazil, Russia to South Africa, or most, if not all, countries on humanity's common home.

The fictional extraterrestrial invasion that was imagined then sounds to be very much similar to the current Coronavirus Pandemic. I was a student in college back then. Now, I am watching students in high schools and colleges affected by this pandemic and many lives lost on a global scale.

Ironically, while there are adults in the room of leaders in the world, a President Clinton calling a President Mandela to mobilize a global response instead of blaming anyone in the middle of this real pandemic appears to be missing as envisioned more than two decades ago in the fictional Hollywood movie.

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