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Re: Coronavirus International updates

Post by MINILIK SALSAWI » 10 Jun 2021, 10:49

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Re: Coronavirus International updates

Post by teodroseIII » Today, 10:08

Tyranny is always conceived by a powerful few but it is midwived and delivered by the powerless masses who decide to be the enforcers of the establishment. Time and time again, autocrats were able to commit atrocities and stifle the freedoms of millions because they were aided and abetted by the very people who were being oppressed. This was evident in Germany during the age of Hitler. In my homeland Ethiopia the Derg rose to power, and countless other nations, were likewise bruised and shattered by the scourge of authoritarianism.

Because humans have the memory of a cicada, we are traveling down the same roads of fascism and self-nullification that led to the destruction of empires. Instead of debating armed with facts, ad hominem and shouting people down have become as commonplace as tea and crumpets in the UK. Reporting others to the authorities and muzzling people based on their identity or beliefs is so pervasive that the cancel culture has turned society into a Petri dish of pretentious and preening prima donnas. As much as the corporate-government-media complex keeps stripping our freedoms away, the actions of too many who resuscitate McCarthyism and tattletale on anyone who does not abide by their narrow doctrines are just as malicious as those who govern with iron fists...continued...

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