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How Ethiopians fight Coronavirus

Post by TesfaNews » 25 Mar 2020, 12:14

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Re: How Ethiopians fight Coronavirus

Post by tlel » 25 Mar 2020, 14:14

It is also prayer eko, so what? America had declared prayer day this March, Trump did

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Re: How Ethiopians fight Coronavirus

Post by Cigar » 25 Mar 2020, 15:06

And in America after the national prayer the infected and the dead numbers went up by 5 fold to prior of the prayer.
So mush about the as*s wipe invisible, none existing god and freaking prayer.
Godemet, intelligent people use common sense not pie in the sky.
I wish 'pray' all these stupid, a*sses not washed, teeth not brushed, backwards people who are congregating in the name of the stupid religion get infected and die or fire starts with the smoke they are making and get scorched to death.
If this continues, Ethiopia being the hub of too many monkeys eating African Ambassors and officials will be history.
WTF is wrong with PMAA? He needs to tell these dirty people to stay in their freaking homes.
We the Eritrean people are pis*sed off, that the dirtiest and unhygienic tegarus are our neighbors and here are the ethiopians acting more stupid than the filthy agames which can affect the hygienic Eritreans.
And don't hate me for being practical. You know that I am right.

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