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Rise Da Vinci, Rise

Post by Naga Tuma » 25 Mar 2020, 02:59

I have never tried to write poetry in English before now, at least not that I can remember. I know I am not good at it. I have no training or expertise to write a poetry.

The news about Coronavirus tempted me to try it, however bad it might be. I am not even going to call this scribble a poetry. I just couldn't help scribbling it down earlier today in a short time as I reacted to the news about it. I hereby give permission to any expert in poetry who wishes to write a far better poetry out of this scribble.

The Vitruvian Man, you drew
Mona Liza, you painted as you knew
The pulleys you invented
And set the world in motion
Aviation, you imagined
The roaring, you foresaw in generations
The macroscopic you realized, and sized

That was then and this is now

A microscopic has become a scourge
In Rome and in the larger world
A Chibba microbe magnified
For all the eyes in the world to see

So, rise Da Vinci, rise
Come alive
Out of the Vitruvian Man
Or out of Mona Lisa
Or roll up and out of pulleys
Or roar down to earth
From up high in the sky
Conquer nobly now
This scourge in Rome and the larger world
As you have done it then

Lure the microbes to your pulleys
Show them paths to libations
Out of the Vitruvian Man
Out of Mona Lisa
Rapture them out of this planet
To leave them in the vacuum of space
Before you can have a thousand smiles
In your eternal resting place