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Tplf is using PP party to dismantle Fano. Fano protect yourself and Amara people

Post by tlel » 24 Mar 2020, 15:42

First of all the PP government is taking a little breathing because tplf stopped its attack. This means, tplf might be negotiating with pp to the point more pp members in tplf, this means pp could become more and more anti amara. This is the reason the so called pp wanting to dismantle Fano. Amara or Ethiopia has nothing guarantee with what is going on in the world, pp government or tplf. if PP is real, it should have worked along with Fano instead of turning him as enemy. This is suspicious PP is showing too many different faces. Fano has no guarnatee and must protect itself by any means necessary. This is the reason why more Tplf have become members. What diffeence does this make, it is the other side of the same coin; tplf putting too much pressure on pp (nile, economy and now corona virus) tplf is turning pp into itself to attack once again, amara.