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the difference between isaias and woyanes on ethnic federalism

Post by @@ » 18 Feb 2020, 19:18

you may agree or disagree on a political system but how woyanes and isaias deal with ethiopia shows you who is really evil and who is honest.
wayane never implemented ethnic based federalism in tigray because it doesn't believe in it. tigray is the only kilil in ethiopia that is not divided in ethnic based zones but based on directions like south tigray, west tigray etc. there is zero ethnic based federalism, no ethnic based zones in tigray. woyane preaches ethnic based federalism only for ethiopia not for tigray. it is clear woyane doesn't believe in ethnic federalism and don't wish this for tigray. it only uses it to divide and weaken ethiopia. that makes the agames evil.

isaias on the other hand is honest. he doesn't allow ethnic federalism in his country because he thinks it is very bad for his country and wishes the same for Ethiopia. this is honesty. he doesn't wish something for his own country and the opposite for ethiopia. twisted heart agames want something else for themselves and wish evil for others. typical evil creatures.

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