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Just like myself,Alula aprreciates wedimedhn on makin Tigrigna HOA language,which's encouraged debreporno 2 ban amharic

Posted: 15 Feb 2020, 03:30
by Abdelaziz
It is true wedimedhin is pantigreanist, while the kurman weyane leaders forgot Tigrigna and Tigray once they entered Eribekentu and its prostitutes, but in his repeated visits to Ethiopia, he shunned Amharic completely except once saying a few word, thereby angering the hardcore fanatic Amharu, who repeatedly put ar'teran map within Ethiopia as retaliation, not knowing the fact wedimedhin does not mind that if Tigrigna replaces Amharic. The [deleted] Abiot Madiat is ready to hand power to weimedhin, coz the booshti meshrefet knows he will lose dismally. I think Tigreans should support wedimedhin provided Tigrigna becomes national language of HOA and Mekele and Asmera become the twin capitals of the HOA. No wonder Amharu are learning Tigrigna like there is no tomorrow.