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Filthy [deleted]!ng Kaifr Ni!gger said that Muslim Ethiopians are rare and that most of them are Somalians -- which is false

Post by Kafirbantu » 14 Feb 2020, 05:50

This filth Kafir N!gger said that Muslim Ethiopians are rare and most of them are Somalians.

First of all you mud archaic human admixed N!ggers filth, us Muslim Ethiopians are over 45 million, not Somalians, nor Somalians make large part of it Somalis are 5% of the population in Ethiopia, N!gger, we are largely non-Borana Oromos and Habesha

I am sick and tried of Archaic jigaboo N!ggers (especially rastas) lecturing us Muslim Ethio, we already are dealing with Ahyas.

I wish us Muslim Habeshas (from Bejaland to Harar) and non-borana/bantu Oromos could take those filthy monkey admixed archaic creatures make them extinct and make the rest of Sub sahara Africa a Muslim Habesha Caliphate, since we had no business in living in the kingdom of Ethiopia, where "emperors" massacre Muslim on the regular bases, we could make those jungle bunnies die when they were just primitive savages