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The Beginning of The End

Post by DefendTheTruth » 13 Feb 2020, 16:59

There has been a competition between those fighting for power for a while now in Ethiopia in general and in Oromiya in particular, needless to say.

Many so called opposition actors were the first to take a flight home and hoped very much that they would be given a position in the government, after the current "change" was made. Unfortunately for them, the number of available positions and the number of seekers of those positions were not in balance. Some were given, some missed the chance. Those who missed the "opportunity" became the most stringent critic of the government . Paradoxically, they also turned around and started to conjoin with the same entity they were claiming to fight against before the current "change" was made to fight against the current "change agents". They say: there is no permanent enemy or friend, only permanent interest, fittingly in this case.

The case of Oromo political actors was even more perplexing. Some of the actors here claimed to accept the offer of the government's amnensty and come home and participate in the political lives in the country and they appeared to readily accept the offer and once they riched on the scene, as if there is no more any going back, started to defy the rule of the game. They claimed "we don't want to disarm ourselves, we would rather like to be seen as a negotiation partner and seen as somebody of in a par with the governments, regardless of the amnesty you gave us. I don't think there was anything more perplexing than such a behaviour in the whole of the current change time.

The government might have drawn some lesson but thought it wouldn't be going to be out of control for it. The qualm persisted and reached at a point where the headache of the government reached at a stage where it can't be bearable any more.

Now Jimma has stricken back and it is only a matter of time that more and more regions will follow the suite. Even Wollega has started now to feel the pain.

Ethiopian politics is typically characterized by everything or nothing and don't has any word standing for compromise in its vocabulary, and it is no exception this time too.

Let's live longer and be witness to the unfolding game in the political scene in the country and see how the game changer is now unfolding in favor of the government.

This is the beginning of the end of "jirra jirtu, eessa jirtu" sloganing among the crowd of delusional youth.

Everything may change, but one thing remains, that is, we make decisions for ourselves in favor of our interests, rationally. This is called rational decision making theory.

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Re: The Beginning of The End

Post by sun » 13 Feb 2020, 21:01

OromiaHagere/06 wrote:
13 Feb 2020, 17:00
jimma is with abiy sadly. But remember not all JImmans!!
Hmm... 8)

Only one and the only one single government at a time. Dr.Abiyy and team granted amnesty to all the opposition parties and their leaders whether legal illegal, home based, foreign based, in jails, concentration camps and secret jails. Additionally the Pm travel led all over the world and brought back desperate Ethiopian refugees home, sweet home, instead of sleeping on the streets and garbage dumping sites of belligerent foreign countries. All these new and transformational governmental activities only in less than two years. Such novel and egalitarian humanistic problem solution couldn't be attempted for over some 3000 years in Mamma Ethiopia's history.

That is why the current government being led by PM Abiyy Ahmed should continue the novel transformations and state leadership so that Mamma Oromiyya, Mamma Ethiopia and Mamma Africa may truly become healthy, wealthy and GREAT AGAIN! The opposition groups whether in the cities, towns and or forests needs to treat their long standing divisive traumas by getting used to the methods and tactics peaceful legal democratic political activities and practice. It is very funny that some of the opposition groups thinks that they were invited to come home and replace and take over the business of state management.

The opposition needs to peacefully sit, walk & talk while watching and learning how the business of the state is being done by the current government at least for some 6 to 8 years. Giving power to all of these divided and bad tempered inexperienced oppositions means inviting conditions like in Libya, Syria, Iraq, Somalia, Yemen, etc. And the main victims to such possible instabilities and chaos's will be the civilian citizens such as children, women, the aged, etc. That is why it is very necessary to bet on the known and Familiar skilled horse (Government)

“Sometimes you just have to know when the battle you’re fighting is one best walked away from, than fought to the cold, bitter end.” ~A. Dakholm.

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Re: The Beginning of The End

Post by DefendTheTruth » 22 Feb 2020, 08:22

Many news that come out of Ethiopia these days doesn't really comfort the "jirraa jirtu" Sloganing group.

Positive news towards the effort of transforming Ethiopia to a better place for all is coming from many, even if not yet all, directions.

Until then the "jirra jirtu" group will keep the loud noises and sometimes will also spill the bloods of many innocents, unfortunately. We need to be vigilant all the time.

Here below one more news of hope for the people of Ethiopia:
“I am 100 per cent happy to be going back home. I have missed my family and friends a lot.”
Our people need to get ouf of refugee camps anywhere and head home, sweat home. We have suffered already enough, it is time to start to heal the pain.

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