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በቃ ተውኝ..."የወንድ_ልጅ ችግር ገጥሞኝ ነው!!!!

Post by Ejersa » 12 Feb 2020, 18:32

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Re: በቃ ተውኝ..."የወንድ_ልጅ ችግር ገጥሞኝ ነው!!!!

Post by AbebeB » 13 Feb 2020, 19:40

Seyoum T,
Can I help your ignorance? Here we go.
Required by law is what you mentioned up to " :P "የኢትዮጵያን ዜግነት #መልሶ_ለማግኘት መሟላት ያለበት መስፈርት ነው?"" the remaining is garbage. You know why?

Once applicant did his part, it is up to the bureaucracy to facilitate or delay to issue him certificate. Even Immigration officer, once received Jawar's application, might say you are done without need to issue any sort of document. So it means, from the day applicant submitted all required documents and applied, by default he/she has done job. The only question one can ask is if and only if Jawar made such application.

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