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ኣብ ፈንቅል ዝተሳተፉ ተጋደልቲ ጉዕዞ ናብ ባጽዕ.

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Re: ኣብ ፈንቅል ዝተሳተፉ ተጋደልቲ ጉዕዞ ናብ ባጽዕ.

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FENKIL, MOTHER FO'CKER THANKLESS HAMASENAYS, WAS LED BY FENKIL HAYELOM ARYA, YOU [deleted] HO'MOSHENAY LOOTINESHES WERE NOIT THE ONES WHO DECISIVELY BEAT THE TILAM AMHARU IN MASAWA, IT WAS TIGREAN FIGHTERS WHO DEFEATED THE DERG AMHARU AND GUDIFECHAs. no amount of fiction by temt the lootiew who su'cks my anaconda on the screen everyday will help you sell the fake story. Fenkil is as tigrean as Fenkil is hayelom, even derg era officers have extensively written about it in many books and articles, fabricating a fake wedimedhin as general wedimedhin of Tigray is criminal and the real wedimedhin of Tigray will accuse the [deleted] temt for defamation.

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Re: ኣብ ፈንቅል ዝተሳተፉ ተጋደልቲ ጉዕዞ ናብ ባጽዕ.

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LOL...Yeah Weyane was also the one that liberated Kuwait from Saddam :lol:
Your little rag tag Weyane never had more than a single Brigade until the might Shaebia joined them in 1991 when heading to Addis.

Back in 1990 when Massawa was liberated, your little Weyane has had not a single Tigray village was liberated let alone to give a helping hand to Shaebia to liberate a big city as Massawa. Your own General recently verified to BBC that Weyane had nothing to do with the liberation of Massawa. But then, Agames like you would never stop from hallucinating.

Is it lying in your DNA Beqa?
Abdelaziz wrote:
12 Feb 2020, 11:37

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