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The foolish calculus of Weyanes

Post by TGAA » 20 Jan 2020, 20:01

Most Weyans cheer whenever the radical oromos commit a heinous crime. They say it is the end of Amhara , and they say the radical Oromos should expel Amharas from the Oromo areas. What they don't know is that the Amharas with a lot of intermarriage with Oromos would have a lot of ways to revers and stop the galloping gewars keero mob. They have done it before and they are capable of doing it again if need be . They have a lot of human capital in different areas they can amass as needed to deter that. Here is what Weyanes don't understand ...if the Amharas think that weyane are part and parcel of ethnic cleansing by gewar genocidal keeros ,the damage to Tigrian living in different part of the country will be much sever than the Amharas they are goading gewar to do their dirty job. Weyan's are not endowed naturally to look beyond their nose the evil they are conspiring to do is going to bit them back big time. Look what they have done to Eritreans ,and Amharas and Oromos , Somalies all are grinding their teeth to have their day with them . Now after they fall , still are conspiring with other anti-Ethiopia to undo Ethiopia -- Woe to you . Don't victimize the innocent Tigraians because of your reckless miscalculations. Change your ways.Gee- Who am I to advice the omniscient weyanes.

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