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How to neutralize the hibernating genocidal Keero?

Post by TGAA » 16 Jan 2020, 20:26

At this time the genocidal keeros are hibernating till they get their march order from Ayatola jawar mohamod to rack havoc in Ethiopia. The “genocidal keero” what Ayatola jawar mohaomd calls the second government is organized across Oromia in semi –underground fashin . It is semi-underground because the genocidal organization was able to infiltrate the high echelon of ODP and has been getting support and protection when this underground genocidal organization conducted a political activity or when it terrorizes communities in Oromia. This genicidal Organization has conducted two major ethnic cleansing in the past 18 months in Burau and just one month ago in different part of Oromia killing 86 innocent Ethiopians because of who they are and their religion. In both instances, the government using the state media made an announcement that the people who participated in the crime had been apprehended. It was a political stint In an attempt to calm the public. The leader of this genocidal Keero is promoted to become part of OFCO , and none of the criminals had been brought to justice. It all hush-hush. The question is how the Ethiopian people should be ready to deal with this potent genocidal keero organization. For this organization to ride its genocidal horse what it needs is to hear is its spiritual leader Ayatola Jawar to say for example the election is rigged – which he already start doing to delegitimize the Ethiopian Election Board by accusing it – the august election date was selected to favors the government. So to counter this deadly menace Ethiopians, especially in Oroma have to have an organizational infrastructure to protect themselves. The have to have a plan if the same genocidal mob comes to take their lives. The should organize in the same way keeros are organized, underground. They cannot count in the government coming to protect them in a timely fashion. The government is more in cahoots with this criminal Organization especially those at the regional level. When a government is incapable of protecting its citizens, it behooves the public to take action to protect it self. The protection should not start when the murderous mob knocks your door, the public should start preparation now – actually it should have been yesterday.