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Tigray People
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Why Amhara,Oromos and Eritreans Worship White People & Arab Countries??

Post by Tigray People » 13 Jan 2020, 22:07

We wish we have time to reply to you and others on timely manners to expose your lies.

Amhara, Oromos and some eritreans worshipping white people , Western countries, Arab countries is your culture to help you come on power and begging them to meddle in your own countries internal affairs.

The magnificent Tigray People & Tigray People Liberation Front were the only Army that was never never supported by foreign Powers, Western countries or Arab Emirates but by thier own Gallant Selfless Tigray People fighters and thier own meager resources not only crushing the largest Ethiopia Army in Africa that was supported by aupery power countries but crushing dozens of different powerful Liberation Fronts and man made famine where the Gallant Selfless Tigray People emerged Out victorious to grabb state power in Ethiopia and gave eritreans thier independence.

No force in this world can defeat the Gallant Selfless Tigray People on the battlefield .

After Liberating Ethiopia , developing Ethiopia that had zero economy when the Gallant Selfless Tigray People took overs we made many mistakes not giving the oromos, Somali etc etc thier Independence like we gave the Eritreans people.

Better late than never we will not make the same mistakes again fighting for Ethiopian , developing Ethiopia or building the Abbay Dam again.

Long Live The Tigray People!!

Awet Nehafash Tigray People!!

The Tigray People Republic!!

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Re: Why Amhara,Oromos and Eritreans Worship White People & Arab Countries??

Post by Cigar » 13 Jan 2020, 22:38

Mengistu Hailemariam:

"Surin en chama le agames yaseteqew Shaebia now"

"tplf is garbage which rode a flood called Shaebia to come to Addis"

And one of your tplf leaders:
"Nihnas resienayo ina, ato Isayas kea kirisewo nilimn" as if these agames problem is with Isayas.
The whole Eritrean people want and will eat you alive and chew you like a worm out gum.

And then this filthy 'we the selfless agame' is out of his mind.
Drop the damn book your woyane taught you at your school you dumb as*s.
They fed you lie after lie and you idiot really believe it and are about to jump in a burning house thinking that you are invisible.

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