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Eritrean political poisoning

Post by saab » 12 Jan 2020, 20:41

TPLF ought bribe the Tigrenya speakers and brainwashing to attack on Tigres and Resheida communities violence and conflict between themselves.
Once started in Eritrea it becomes endlessly in continuum.
Is it profitable for Tegaru.
Unskeptically Tigrai is the primarily political and economic profitability .
Eritrean population is half Tigrai.
Do not fear
Do not waste resources
Use simple tactics

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Re: Eritrean political poisoning

Post by Feron11 » 13 Jan 2020, 01:30

Saab the ag.ame nic we heard so much about this already , why are you making tired of ur [deleted] like u have something new . Konfaf go su,ck Amhara Di.c.k now

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