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Spies from Egypt and Eritrea oragnising student unrest in all universities including in Tigray!

Post by EthioRedSea » 12 Jan 2020, 18:05

The death of students in universities all over Ethiopia is organised by spies from Egypt and Eritrea. The killing of a student in Hawassa University has nothing to do with ethnic groups fighting one another. If this has been the case, people from other ethnic groups in the streets would have been attacked.

30 female students from Dembi Dello University was taken hostage, which is is part of the subversive activities Egypt and Eritrea have been carrying out. Some report that TPLF is behind such activities. TPLF is against the government, but would take systematic assault on the government by using force with the aim to overthrow the government and not play with lives of students. There no indications and preparations from TPLF to overthrow the Addis Ababa government using force. The election decides whether the government remains or not. I think Abi Ahmed has a good chance winning the election for various reasons.