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Re: How Ethiopians can slaughter millions of Egyptians by Ethwar

Post by EthioRedSea » 12 Jan 2020, 18:27

I support that Ethiopia needs to divert the Nile for agriculture and power generating projects. Ethiopia should attend to the needs of it's population. Egypt should use it's own resources to develop it's economy and should not put silly demands on Ethiopia.

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Re: How Ethiopians can slaughter millions of Egyptians by Ethwar

Post by sun » 12 Jan 2020, 19:47

Hmm... 8)

If Ethiopians are divided and fighting each other just like wild monkeys and wild pigs then not only Egypt but many others will come to shoot and loot whatever is available. So we have to look within our own country and our own people as to how many holes we have and how much deep these holes are, before we start to jump on others and then find our selves drop dead like the wounded birds freely falling from the blue sky.

“When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you.” ~Winston S. Churchill :P
IntelReport wrote:
12 Jan 2020, 17:43
Here's the map of Ethiopia and the way Ethiopia can win a war against Egypt if the Egyptian dogs try to strike our dam is to fully use our water and cut the whole water supply by cutting the river with man-made drainage system and increasin g the size of lake Tana and then creating a man-made river to Tigray and Afar.

1. The whole Abay river will be inside Ethiopia.
2. Afar and Tigray will be greener
3. The extra water will be used for irrigation
4. Ethiopia will be a major food exporter and starvation will end.
5. Ethiopia can recruit millions of soldiers needed to fight.

1. Millions of Egyptian donkeys will starve
2. Egyptian airforce will be powerless and therefore will require Egyptian army to fight on the ground.
3. Ethiopia's terrain makes it impossible for Egyptian donkeys to secure a win.

My message to Ethiopian government: Have a great plan to revert the river.

Not one drop of water should leave Ethiopia.

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