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Re: This ain't funny at all.

Post by Selam/ » 13 Jan 2020, 19:00

Buda Woyane - If you say in Addis or Asmara what you say here on ER, the average people will skin you alive even though I wouldn’t encourage them to do so. Because even a snake has a place in our ecosystem. On the flip side, I could say in public what I say here and walk tall, be it in Bahirdar, Asmara, Mekelle, Addis or Jimma because I don’t have a fraction of hatred in my bones toward people except the criminal woyane thugs and rats that are hiding in Planet Hotel and behind monitors. Of course, those subhumans would try to assassinate me as they assassinated my late uncle and thousands of people around the country. I hate Woyanes. KIFU!

Ethoash wrote:
13 Jan 2020, 15:04
Selam/ wrote:
13 Jan 2020, 14:57
Buda Woyane - I told you everything that TPLF cooks is cursed. Every word you write is poisonous. Even if
you say the sun, the moon, the planets, and the stars all rise in the east and set in the west, no one trusts you. Because you’re a double-tongued snake and inherently evil thug. If Satan praises someone as you selectively do, I would surely say god damns you to hell. KIFU!
even what u said here if u say it inside Ethiopia no body will touch u think for golden they give us freedom of speech and democracy and fed. system

all the Amhara party that run for election in 2020 they have to give thanks to TPLF ...

YES, tplf R VERY sensitive about the sun never rise if u said that they will start war ask your king issu life time president once he said time he said i will never leave from Badme even the sun refused to shine.. guess what the tplf decree oppressing sun rise and make history by winning in shortest time then buda Amhara Darug took him 17 years and lose the golden win the war and retake Badme.. in Somalia ogden case the Darug have to call the Russia and Cuba but the golden army did it when the whole world refused to go to Somalia...

so i am advising u never to say the sun will not rise in front of the Golden bad thing will happened to you..

anything but not play around with the word rise.. rise economy rise politically or anything dont mess with this word beside that u r free to say anything u want..

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