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Free movement of money and goods, not necessarily of people

Post by justo » 06 Jan 2020, 15:43

Countries are about commerce, and not necessarily about cultural exchange.

The US and EU welcome free movement of Venezuelan oil, Congolese minerals, Arab petrodollars, and Chinese electronics but not free movement of Venezuelan, Congolese, Arab or Chinese people. The same goes for China and S. Arabia.

What countries are primarily interested in is not people to people relations, but service for goods, goods for dollars, and dollars for services commercial exchanges. We should encourage free movement of money and goods in the HoA, not necessarily of people.

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Re: Free movement of money and goods, not necessarily of people

Post by Temt » 06 Jan 2020, 16:43

Justo, what you stated above makes sense when you live in a neighborhood that is inhabited by people who are driven by common sense, not emotions. The Weyane's call of "People to people" shenanigan is meant to confuse people for Weyane's refusal to abide by the EEBC final and binding decision. They could care less about either people of the border if it meets their blind selfish salivation of Eritrean territories.
As you know, Eritrea will never allow the flow of goods and services through Tigrai as long as the criminal Weyanes remain fugitive on the lose whether in Meqele Hotel or not.

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