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Ascaria Present is from Adwa!!!

Post by Hawzen » 01 Jan 2020, 18:56

She is one funny low IQ agame sister.....Here is what she says all the time to distort the facts on the ground and to try confuse Ethiopians:

-She always says the Ascaria Eritrean TPLF and she is shy to say Ascaria Adwan TPLF :lol: :lol:

-Ascaria Eritreans hate Ethiopia.. Instead of Ascaria Adwans hate Ethiopia... :mrgreen: :oops:

-Ascaria Eritreans hate Ethiopia and she does not have the courage to say Eritreans hate ascaria Agame. It is true that we Eritreans hate agames so much and we believe agames are the worst enemy of Eritrea and the Eritrean people... :lol:

-Ascaria Eritreans looted Ethiopia. She is shy to say Ascaria agame and Ascaria Adwans in particular looted Ethiopia for 27 long years... The fact is that Ethiopia has now over $50 Billion debt because of her ascaria agames families :lol: :lol:

Most importantly, the Adwan ascaria Present is nowhere to be found when her agame brothers and sisters attack the people of Amhara even though baby Wushiyee claims she is Amhara. Baby Wyshiyee, you are one inferiority stricken Ascaria Adwan...You don't have a drop of DNA from Amhara or Oromo :lol: :mrgreen: :oops:

Dedebit is always dedeb
R.I.P Abay Tigray and TPLF

Digital Weyane
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Re: Ascaria Present is from Adwa!!!

Post by Digital Weyane » 01 Jan 2020, 19:06

My Great Weyane brother Present is indeed the Conquering Lion of Adwa. Any Tigraway who doesn't refer to him as "Goytay" is thrown in jail for life, or worse!

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