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የአሐዳዊና የፌዴራል ሥርዓት አራማጆቹ እነማን ናቸው?

Post by MINILIK SALSAWI » 04 Dec 2019, 07:48

እውነት የኦሮሞና የትግሬ ብሔርተኞች ፌዴራሊስት ኃይሎች ናቸውን? እውነትስ አማሮች አሐዳዊ ሥርዓት አራማዎች ናቸው? እስቲ እውነታው ምን እንደሚመስል እንመርምር።

የአሐዳዊና የፌዴራል ሥርዓት አራማጆቹ እነማን ናቸው? (አቻምየለህ ታምሩ)

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Re: የአሐዳዊና የፌዴራል ሥርዓት አራማጆቹ እነማን ናቸው?

Post by YAY » 04 Dec 2019, 20:22

Dear Minilik III: All parties are Federalists
I think it is not right to classify the Etiyopiyan Prosperity Party, or PM Abiy AHmed Aali & Co.(including the AmHara and other Kellil elites), as አሐዳዊ (Unitary) protagonists, and the old EPRD Front, or TPLF & Co.(including some Tigraiy Kellil and Oromiyya Kellil elites) as champions of ፌዴራል (Federal) ሥርዓት (system or order) of government in Etiyopiya at this time. Both groups are federalists. None of them is advocating for the formation of a Unitary State in Etiyopiya.

Their main difference seems to be the nature, or types, of their organizations. The old EPRDF wants to remain a coalition of ethnic organizations, each of which would be limited to operate within its respective ethnic territory; while the EPP wants to establish one political party, from among Etiyopiyans (ethnic groups or civic groups, or individuals), who could educate, organize, campaign, and operate country-wide, or within single ethnic or multi-ethnic territories. A set of uncertainities seem to be voiced by some people (e.g. TPLF leaders, Defense Minister Lemma Megarssa, Dawud Ibsa Ayana, Chairman of OLF, etc.) if or how the EPP could champion for the particular ethnic groups in Etiyopiya.

It is a very good question, and it is healthy to consult each other. The experience of other countries could offer us, Africans in the Horn, some clues. I think EPP's branch in Oromiyya (all members of Oromo ethnic groups that join the EPP, and more of others) would champion for the best interests of the Oromo people (in terms of both of their identities as Oromos, and/or Etiyopiyans, and/or fused identity). Similarly, EPP's branch in Tigraiy would champion for the best interests of the people of Tigraiy (both as Tigraiyans and/or Etiyopiyans).

In the same manner, EPP's branch in each Kellil or sub-Kellil (whether that of AmHara, Somali, Qimant, Beni Shanqul-Gumuz, Agawmedir, Gambella, Gamo, Gofa, Guragee, Adal/Afar, Sidama, Walayita, Kunama, Saho, Walqayit, Rayya, and all ethnic-language groups, etc.) would champion for each group both as a distinct ethnic/regional group and/or as Etiyopiyans; and specially the often-dismissed large group of Etiyopiyans of combined-ethnic descent. I believe that an organization of such type as that of the new EPP could enhance being good to each other, equality under the law, republican democracy, harmony, cooperation, ethnic freedoms, economic activities, and citizen liberties to visit, live, do business, etc. anywhere in Etiyopiya; and as a result build Etiyopiya as a new common nation.

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