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justo really?

Post by Afdeyu » 02 Dec 2019, 20:58

Aye justo kurkur Isaias ( Isaias doesn’t give a hoot about what you think, he’ll do what’s good for him and his family)
Stop mixing Isaias with Eritrea, two different things (Isaias is temporary and Eritrea is here to stay)
Ab adina afna teabisna keyaklenas abzi kea kitkilkil mifitanka bitaemi dehizin zebib riesi
Justo Don’t you feel sad you can’t buy a house, open a business, afka melieka aytizareb, cannot fish in the Red Sea... in Isaias Communist Eritrea
Justo don’t you feel bad your cousins, nephews calling you to send them money every month, leaving the country they love and paid heavy price (wedi siwue dewilluley), but they can’t bear the oppressive regime ( justo why did you leave addika adeboka... nisidet)
Don’t be liqluk mekabir, if you love your country which I know you do, but you serving the dictatorship, not the Eritrea we love (so sad you can’t see how Eritrea deserves better than Isaias junta), I know anybody would be better than Isaias at this time. Don’t take me wrong the dictator was my hero at one time, but now he’s a liability not an asset & he must go.
Can’t you imagine how Eritrea can be with the right government that serves all of its people, than the current government that persecutes all Eritreans including your family. How can you serve someone who persecuted your family, friends, deki adika, deki gezawitka, the point they are leaving Eritrea.
Justo other than you screaming here at the dead horse Woyane here, you have no right in the current Eritrea. Woyane is dead you should say RIP, and move on to liberate your people who are screaming for help.
Woyane is irrelevant and the dictator cannot use it as a bogeyman any more...oops I forgot uncle Isaias has found another bogeyman now which is Qatar and low iq cadres like you are going to be busy falling for the new fictional enemy.
Sad Errena Ab kemzi wedika, Isaias hijacked our revolution and made this beautiful country into a failed communist experience.
Isaias is DERG 2.0 to the Eritrean people and you know it
The truth hurt, don’t be a liqluk mekabir, Isaias is going to go soon, but if you love Eritrea fight for the Eritrean people and stop wasting your time fighting a dead horse Woyane, you might have heard eprdf was buried few days ago, let it Rest In Peace/hell
Aynika yikfetelka
Stelaeka miglgal yitrefka

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