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Bete Gojjam
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Coward Toj Fajale Eritrea has no right to be involved with Amhara

Post by Bete Gojjam » 01 Dec 2019, 16:10

Liggagam you will wait 1,000,000 years until jesus come back for Eritrea to save Amhara arśe. Isaias 73 year Has 10 years left before he passes away. Then Eritrea will be ruled by Arabs Muslims and your country will become a Muslim nation. Including Hamasenan and Seraye.

Amhara doesn’t need EPLF corrupt pyscopath Isaias Amhara is independent from askari guerillas.

Amhara is Ethiopian and is only involved in Ethiopian politics.

If amahra needs to kill Agame we can do it ourselves without anyone’s help. The fact is Isaias hasn’t helped Amhara and he helped keep Olfs alive in Asmara. The fact is Isaias will be done like Mengistu

Amhara has no hands in Agame lands, Cursed Tigre Amhara doesn’t care about.


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