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Tigray is already a de facto country, better than Ethiopia

Posted: 01 Dec 2019, 10:21
by EthioRedSea
Tigray has been an autonomous region throughout history except during the time of Colonel Mengistu Haile Mariam, where the head of Tigray was non-Tigrayan.

Tigray has not benefitted from Ethiopia. It is Tigray, which has benefitted Ethiopia in many ways as it is the centre of civilisation and home to one of the oldest churches in th eworld.

Tigray does not need Ethiopia. It can develop it's own resources industrialize quickly. Tigray should decalre it's dependence and form it'sown country.

Re: Tigray is already a de facto country, better than Ethiopia

Posted: 01 Dec 2019, 10:29
by EthioRedSea
Tigray has a population of 10 million compared to non-Tigrayan Ethiopian, which make about 100million. Thus it willbe difficult for Tigrayans to develop their culture as they will be the minority. They produce more but get less if they stay in Ethiopia. It is easier to feed and house 10 million people.

Tigray is one of the ancient regions in the world. Tourism only v=can bring Tigray billions of dollars. The future of any country dependens how fast technology integrtes in the economy. Ethioppia is a primitive country with difficult technology access.

Tigray as a country can have it's own army, airforce and shipping lines. It will be easier to develop it's own civil avaition, providing services to Middle East, Europe and neighbouring Ethiopia, Sudan and Kenya.

Re: Tigray is already a de facto country, better than Ethiopia

Posted: 01 Dec 2019, 10:38
by EthioRedSea
Tigrayans are being attacked in Ethiopia, specially in the capital.
Tigray does not share the core values it has with non-Tigrayan Ethiopians.
Ethiopia's government cancels projects and does develop the economy in Tigray.
Tigrayan university students are threatened when they attend schools outside Tigray.
Roads to Tigray through Amhara regions arae blocked. People travel through the Afar region.
The Ethiopian Airlines descriminates Tigrayans and hotels in addis Ababa are not safe for Tigrayas to use them.
There is nothing the Tigrayan people could hope to get projects to develop their economy and benefit themselves.
Ethiopians have a low level social awareness where tribalism is the driving motor for social change.

Tigrayans have adeveloped language and culture. They do not want to use Amharic and Amhara culture as it is anti-Ethiopia. Tigrayns are better off to work Arab country, specially middle eastern countries including Israel. Ethiopia is simply artifical. Ethiopians are primitive and anti-Tigray.

Ethiopia cannot democratise because it is based on domination one tribe against others. The Oromo might the net tribe to dominate Ethiopia.

Tigrayans should form their own country and deal with the advanced countries of the world.