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Ethiopia should ban Amharic as a working language as it is a means to dominate non-Amhara Ethiopians!

Post by EthioRedSea » 01 Dec 2019, 08:21

In the last 27 years, many Ethnic groups have developed their language extensively as they had a chance to administer their own affairs by elecitng their own leaders and representatives to local parliament. We should thank TPLF for enabling this.

During the time of moron Haile Selassie, Ethiopia was like a colonized country by the Amhara tribe. People tried to adjust themselves to Amharic and the Amhara music, food and way of experiencing the environment. This contradicted their primary source of interacting with society. A child living in Tigray used to listen to bed time stories told in Tigrigna told by his mum or grandma or father etc. Then the next day at school what he hears is only Amharic stories which contradict what he had from his primary source.

Many Ethiopian non-Amhara elites were trying their best. Some from Somali, Guraghe, Oromo etc. But the sytem the Amhara had in place was condscending. They would say for instance Tigrayans cannot cook injera or make Tej or Tela, wheras we see this Tigrayans have been making injera or Anbesha or Tej or Tela for thousand s of years.

Thus we need to ban Amharic as a working language, which means have to speak in Tigrigna or Oromo or Somali or Afar if they have to explain to the people of these ethnic groups. This means the National Theatre should play pieces in Oromo, Tigrigna, Afar or Somali ( this might seem hard to swallow for Amhara political elites or their running dogs in Tigray, Oromia and other non-Amhara regions).

The National Televison and other Media like Addis Zemen should give equal coverage to Oromo, Tigrigan, Somal or Afar. Which makes non-Amharic languages develop better and arm selves against Amhara oppression.

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