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The UN hould force Ethiopia to make Aksum accessible to tourists through International Flights to Aksum

Post by EthioRedSea » 01 Dec 2019, 08:04

Ethiopia's government are the most primitive adminaistrations in the whole. there are tribal and self-annihilating, bringing to untold misery to region and people who happen to live under their administration. Both Haile Selassia and Mengistu spent billions of dollars on weapons and annual feasts. The current TPLF government also ruled 27 years spending billion of dollars onbuilding appartment blocks in the capital city.

The city of Aksum is unfortunate. It has an airport which does not serve international flight.People have first to to fly to tEthiopia's capital and make stay over in the airport to fly to Aksum, one of the ancient civisations on earth. In Aksum, there is shortage of water. There no hotels that could provided the comfort and facilities tourists coming from Europe, Asia and America are used to.

The government in Ethiopia should be forced to facilitate direct international flights to Aksum. Askusm is important for Christians as it is the first Christian town and the beginning of law and Christianity. It is in Aksum, Geez become the language of The Church and State. It is in Aksum the Geez alphabet was started.

The UN and other international bodies should force the government in Ethiopia to make Aksum accessible to all tourist by facillitaing direct international flights to Aksum.

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