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Wedi medhin berad new year resolution to the eritrean People

Posted: 01 Dec 2019, 06:21
by Deqi-Arawit
In normal circumstances, a new year is a period on which leaders promise their subject the task which is ahead of them and the things which needs be replaced, corrected and removed totally.

Wedi medhin berad have done zlich During the last 20 year except whining and moaning and play a victim. Even the organizations which was supported by the dictator to take the fight to woyane, apart to deplite state treasure, they have done nothing to change the cource of history.

Almost 2 years after the peace agreement between Eritrea and Ethiopia, nothing have changed to the better in Eritrea, things are either static or they changed for the worse..

There is nothing the dictator can offer Eritreans except the feeling of victimhood, paranoia, poverty and self inflicted isolation.

2020 is approaching and wedi medhin instead of steping aside or promise Eritreans a bright future and a year of development and prosperity, state media is spinning a report that the tiny state of Qatar is trying to create havock in Eritrea. This is a classic wedi medhin berad book of deflection of attention. But thanks God, finally Eritreans have realized the game of the alcoholic junk and no One is reacting to his gimmick. Fool me once, shame on you, Fool me twice, shame on me

Re: Wedi medhin berad new year resolution to the eritrean People

Posted: 01 Dec 2019, 07:43
by Eripoblikan
I don't think there is a sane Eritrean left that will fall for the latest shenainagans of Mao's disciple.

2020 could be the year when he is pushed out in a soft change of hands Mugabe-style. God willing!!!

Re: Wedi medhin berad new year resolution to the eritrean People

Posted: 02 Dec 2019, 03:25
by Deqi-Arawit
In another development.Due to Wedi Medhin Berad interference in the Eritrean Orthodox Church, Eritreans are not only divided politically but also how we should worship our God. The dictator attempt to demote the true Eritrean patriaric from his post and replace him with his stooge was vehemently resisted by Eritreans. And his attempt to appoint his selected patriaric fall flat when some of his stooges who were dispatched to diaspora to convince Eritreans to accept his selected stooge were rejected by the masses. As the result and in a desperate effort to win the heart and mind of Eritreans, Mairam Hedar Tsion is celebrated in a way which it was never celebrated previously in Eritrea.

Btw....The leader of Janjawid, the man who is responsible for the killing of thousands of people of Darfur is in Asmara, and the shameless dictator is receiving him as a war hero. There is no Shame in Wedi Medhin Berad Game.