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Bete Gojjam
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Isaias Afwerki = DERG

Post by Bete Gojjam » 01 Dec 2019, 02:13

Isaias Afewerki is the Mengistu HaileMariam Of Eritrea he is surprising the nation and is forcing everyone to be soldiers for only USD$ 660/per year. No one hAs freedom in Eritrea criticism of Derg Mengistu Isaias leads to being arrested look at this prison in the middle of Asmara

Karma is a Bltchh the brave eplf gueriilla days are over Ethiopia has humiliated Eritree and Eritree has humiliated Ethiopia by putting Agame as ruler.

Eritrea 1:1 Ethiopia

Now add Dictator Isaias
Eritrea 0:1 Ethiopia

Jawar Mohhamed criminal will not allow me to add 2 for Ethiopia

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