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Doba = Ancient Raya a Pastoralist Tigrigna Peoples of Alamata and KOREM.

Only Southern Raya like Alamata have large amahra population most of north Raya Wolfa and other Kilil s will never be amhara.

Raya Tigrigna New, amhara dumb nationalists from USA are trying to occupy it like they did with Agaws.

First of all the Dedebit amharas don’t even know Lalibela wasn’t Included as Wollo until 1950s

Thus Lasta Lalibela isn’t Wollo.

Your very stupid the Lastan Sekotas don’t dress like Wollo do infact Raya Rayuma is very Wolloyie.

Raya is culturally closer to Wollo Then Lalibela is

Our clothes is different Lalibela vs Dessie vs Raya

Raya is more Habesha and Dessie is more Gāllä culture

Lalibela Wollo Aydelim!!!
Sekota Wollo AYDELIM

Haile Selassie is the man who expanded Wollo province and removed the ancient amharan christian province of Lasta and raya.

Lasta is not Wollo Lasta is pure Amara Zagwe Tewahdo Orthodox

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