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Re: ሊገድሉኝ ሲመጡ ድረሱልኝ ማለቴ ምንድነው ጥፋቱ?? ኦቦ ጀዋር መሃመድ

Post by YAY » 25 Nov 2019, 14:55

Dear Ethiopian: That interview was not that "Great"

I cannot tell you what people in Seattle and Denver said or how they feel. This comment is not for/against them.

I was encouraged to hear Johar state that the non-Oromo's living in Oromiyya (as visitors, temporary or permanent residents) shall be protected by the Oromo people. However, whether non-Oromo Etiyopiyan citizens domiciled there shall have full political participation rights, citizenship rights, etc. in Oromiyya, was not specified. Weren't some or all of the 86 victims in Oromiyya?

The interviewer and the interviewee failed to address enough the causes and consequences of the lives lost of the 86 victims, and Johar's and/or followers/supporters role in the murders, if any or none. For instance,
(1) who were coming and intending to kill Johar? was not asked/answered;
(2) there was nothing wrong for Johar to ask for help if he felt his life or family's lives were in danger, but what followed next that led to the deaths/murders? was not asked/answered;
(3) did Johar give instructions to his followers or supporters to attack innocent and unarmed and nonthreatening civilians, or not? or were they the ones who were coming to kill Johar? was not asked/answered;
(4) did Johar train his followers/supporters, beforehand, to violently attack others the moment he, etc. felt threatened, or not? was not asked/answered; and
(5) if Johar was sorry and needs to apologize for the loss of lives and property, or feels responsible in anyway, or not? was not asked/answered. That was disappointing, and could be re-done, for better information on the topic.

In addition, it is alright for Johar & Co. to focus on the ethnic-linguistic freedoms of the Oromo people, and also recognize that the Oromo are also Etiyopiyans and their rights need to be upheld; but was disappointing not to hear the importance of how these two interests ( the ethnic and Etiyopiyan) ought to be synchronized in building Etiyopiyan nationalism (or if it was not necessary to do so), too. Political competition is fine, but isn't creating consensus among the diverse elites of Etiyopiya important too for the success of all Etiyopiyan people-groups?

ethiopian wrote:
23 Nov 2019, 20:28
Great interview, I wonder why the hooligans in Seattle and Denver hate this guy . Ohhh I know why - fear and hate of Oromians is their driving force .
Can anyone tell me a reason why you think Jawar is bad to Ethiopia ? I am asking just one reason .... ( don’t tell me the mencha comment 9 yrs ago - and that was taken out of context as well )

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Re: ሊገድሉኝ ሲመጡ ድረሱልኝ ማለቴ ምንድነው ጥፋቱ?? ኦቦ ጀዋር መሃመድ

Post by Ethoash » 25 Nov 2019, 18:39

i think most of r Eritrean spy who doesn't understand Amharic so i will translate what ኦቦ ጀዋር መሃመድ said

he was sleeping at his home and walk up hearing bang on his door... only to discover that a thief try to break in to his house... so the poor ኦቦ ጀዋር መሃመድ told the thief i have a gun if u break and enter i will be forced to shoot to kill.. i am not shooting your leg or your bu++ but i will shoot to kill you in self defense .. and i am zero hesitation to do it ... then the thief let .. ኦቦ ጀዋር መሃመድ thought his hell is over only to discover the thief sue him for threaten their life.. saying he is going to kill them or crippled you .. let me stop here you know the rest of the story...

some idiot even saying why not call the news paper or video man they think this is amazing run...
some idiot also said why not he face death because he is just one man .. then if that is the case why not remove statue of king Menelik II because king Menelik II is just one man ..

what those idiot doesnt understand is ኦቦ ጀዋር መሃመድ is a royal family.. if u killed him 100,000 would have died .. we should be happy the killing stopped on 86 ... Rwanda would be happy to take 86 life lose and save their million victim.... the Amhara keep on pushing and pushing and when problem erupted they look surprised no body told them to cut their lose and run...

okay 86 people died but do u investigate why 86 people died .. there was fight between kerro and Amhara settler ... because the Church priest call his supporter to protect the church from kerro.. now hypocrisy is no body accused the priest calling his supporter to protect the church and end up 86 people died from both side ..just like u guys suggested why not the priest call police instead of calling his supporter or believer ... the trigger happy priest was the cause of the church burning and death of 86 people otherwise the first day of ኦቦ ጀዋር መሃመድ 911 call no body died only people died after the priest call...

some time what is worth more the life of the orthodox believer or the Church .. the Church would have been built but can we get back the lost life... now i dont care which side u choice if u think worth dying to save Church then God bless you

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Re: ሊገድሉኝ ሲመጡ ድረሱልኝ ማለቴ ምንድነው ጥፋቱ?? ኦቦ ጀዋር መሃመድ

Post by opmerc » 25 Nov 2019, 18:50

Naga Tuma wrote:
25 Nov 2019, 12:12
So, you either don't believe him at all or you believe that his asking for help is not an issue and that who he asked help from is the issue. Just because you have two legs doesn't mean you can take a trek on two roads at the same time for a legal case. I don't know if the confused boy has the capacity for the intent you allege. If the intent is corroborated, it becomes a real issue.

The first I in your earlier statement came across as if you put yourself in his shoes. The second I in the statement in the bracket came across as if you were talking about yourself instead of putting yourself in his shoes.
Fair enough, but they are two separate points. The first point is I don't believe his account of what happened and why he did what he did. This is my own personal assessment. The second point is that because I was not there at that compound to confirm or deny my personal assessment, I have to allow the probability, however small, that everything happened according to how he said it did. We can then judge him on his actions accordingly.

We don't have to discuss the first point because it is irrelevant to someone like Belayb who has already decided to believe Jawars account of what happened. So I only discussed the second point by saying even in that circumstance, he has a lot to answer for ethically and legally speaking. If you followed along from my initial response to Belayb, this would be have been clearer.

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Re: ሊገድሉኝ ሲመጡ ድረሱልኝ ማለቴ ምንድነው ጥፋቱ?? ኦቦ ጀዋር መሃመድ

Post by MatiT » 25 Nov 2019, 19:01

የዘመኑ ብቸኛ ወጣት አክትቪስት ጀዋር መሃመድ..አማራው እሱ ላይ እኝኝ ክሚል ከእሱ ተምሮ ለትግል መዘጋጀት ... 780959662/

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