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who is dangerous to Ethiopia : Eskinder or Jawar

Post by ethiopian » 08 Nov 2019, 18:50

I have been following both for a quiet a while :

1. Eskinder fought TPLF with his provocative Menilik journal.Hi did what he could and I salute him for what he did - he left a better life in DC, sacrificed his life and family. He is ineffective and ended up in Jail. He was released from prison by team Lemma and started blaming Qerro for all Ethiopia's and Addis Ababa's problem. He started fierce fight by designating camps - he started fighting with Young Oromos, he called Ethiopian muslims as " muslims living in Ethiopia ". he refused to accept the fact that today's Addis is built by stealing land from Oromo farmers. He made division between Oromo and Amhara

2. Jawar fought TPLF for years before he found a formula which demolished TPLF and sent them back to stone age. His well disciplined Qerro army fought a cruel enemy bravely - broke their back bone. He was the reason for many of old DC burger eating hooligans to back home. He started to mend bridges between Somali and Oromia. He preached federalistic unity to the empire.

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