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The byzantine political games of Ethiopians

Posted: 07 Nov 2019, 15:57
by DefendTheTruth
They say “you reap what you sow” which I think is universally valid.

Now many people seem to have been overwhelmed by a surprise (insinuated or real, perhaps but not yet shocked) that our youth has turned itself to a killing machine that churn down the lives of its own fellow citizens, after going out en masse and in broad day light. Some people seem to have been hard-pressed in trying to distance themselves from such heinous act of human beings now. Even the reckless Jawar Mohammad scribbled somewhere saying a “deplorable act”. (Someone should have told him nothing is more deplorable than what he himself is).

I warned before a number of years after hearing about the entity calling itself Qeerroo that it will be a burden of the Oromo people itself more than anyone else and anywhere else. My prophecy has now revealed itself openly. Instead of taking note of what will be out of such an endeavor at the end even others copied the same game and started to create their own versions in the name of like Fano, Zerma, Ejjeto wezeterfe. They will pay the price in turn.

The deputy PM of Ethiopia went to Ambo and applauded “Qeerroo” in a crowd that was called to hold a reception to the new government officials, including the PM himself and many others at the beginning of this government, calling them "our liberators".

Many politicians repeated what deputy PM said and kept calling the entity their heroes.

The Qeerroos and others were openly calling for violence in the name of music and if they used the most violent scene in their musical clips, then they are the most respected actors on the field. While music is about love and tolerance between peoples somewhere else it remained vocal allure to violence in the Ethiopian case, the more violent it is, the better appreciated. Alluding to violence in a name of music could be unique feature of the byzantine Ethiopian politics. It is observable in both the languages I speak in the country, Afan Oromo and Amharic. It could be the same with the rest of the languages, unfortunately.

Such a scene of violence wrapped up in musical overcoat was directly broadcast into the living rooms of the people and served to all sections of the society, including the minors in the house. Those minors who have been grown up listening to and watching such a scene have now turned themselves into a killing machine, so who is to be really surprised now and how?

Re: The byzantine political games of Ethiopians

Posted: 07 Nov 2019, 16:27
by DefendTheTruth
The soul-searching is not yet started in earnest. Where have we been when the minors were fed-violence scenes wrapped in a musical allure and broadcasted into the living rooms of the people? We should begin the exercise of looking for answers from there, in my view.

ሰውን_እንዴት_ሰው_ያርዳል? የሀይማኖት_አባቶች_እንባ

Re: The byzantine political games of Ethiopians

Posted: 07 Nov 2019, 16:45
by DefendTheTruth
The time for begging or expecting a senseful response from those blood thirsty creatures has now passed. It is time for a fight-back. Start organising yourself in your locality and protect yourself from the criminal killers. Else you will risk perishing and exposing the country to a grave danger.