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Re: Am i banned?

Post by present » 08 Nov 2019, 22:20

Yes, the wahabi will!
Hawzen wrote:
08 Nov 2019, 19:30
Sadacha Macca wrote:
08 Nov 2019, 13:57

To Hawzen btw.
We love jawar as much as you love isayas. As much as hamasien especially those around asmara love wedi jegena isayas. (who may be from tigray at least partially, which is fine, I love tigray but dislike criminal elements there).
Yes they are in different positions but similar in that they played a huge role in liberating their people.
One in battle and diplomatically, (Isayas) and one politically diplomatically etc (jawar).
Those who portray the conflict as oromo being the sole perpetrators are lying and i believe that ezema elements were involved and hoped to benefit from the chaos. If we didn't harm religious places and civilians at the height of the tplf operating in oromia and killing our people then why start now.
...I'm sure multiple players were involved. Jawar has many Christian in his family so hating Christians would be like hating himself. Oromo don't have religious issues but poverty related and political related questions like we all do in the horn of Africa.
It honestly seems that you have already believed the narratives of the anti oromo elements spreading such news. You have a right to do so as long as eritrea doesn't involve itself in our affairs. We can do business be good neighbors etc but it's best to don't get involved in each others politics.
Ethiopia is a lot more complex than Eritrea. Looking from the outside in, you may wonder why so many want federalism? I've seen some Eritreans express that... It's hard to understand unless you know Ethiopians history..
Obbo Jawar definitely deserves love from the people of Oromo for the fantastic Job he did by giving directions to Queerroo warriors to make the coward TPLF goons history. Quorrooo along with other Ethiopian youth sacrificed so much to liberate Ethiopia and they did just that. Nobody is going to change this great history.

But I think anybody with humanity should feel bad for the killing of over 80 Ethiopians. I did not see who committed those crimes and I don't have any evidence either. Regardless of ethiniciyt, anybody who was involved in beheading, slaughtering, stoning innocent people to death and burning churches should be brought to court. Right ??? If Ezema were also involved, those perpetrators should also face justice. The same also goes if Jawar led Quooorrrs committed crimes. Right ?

Yes you are right. Ethiopian politics is very complicated and it is even harder to understand it for outsiders like myself. Like I have said many times, it is not in the interest of Eritrea to get involved in Ethiopian politics and specially against the people of Oromo. But let me ask you this question though:

how would you feel if Obbo Jawar makes 180 degree change of heart to work with the coward TPLF goons in order to get to power??? Remember, the same TPLF massacred Oromo people and Oromo women for over 2 decades ?? Will you still defend Obbo Jawar ???

Dedebit is always dedeb
R.I.P Abay Tigray and TPLF

Sadacha Macca
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Re: Am i banned?

Post by Sadacha Macca » 09 Nov 2019, 12:15

Here's another Oromo classic for you Halafi.

Sister Belaynesh aka portlandia aka other agame usernames,

Can you at least be creative when you try to insult oromos and try to divide us? It's the same old tricks and sayings over and over.
At least sister or brother aziza and others are creative or try to be, when they insult us.
As opposed to repeating the same nonsense over and over?!


I very much doubt that Jawar would work with the TPLF. If anyone would be friendly towards them wouldn't it be people like abiy who was once their foot soldier?
We do have an agreement with tegaru when it comes to the issue of federalism and keeping the few but loud mouthed neftenya emiye menelik worshipping extremists who do NOT represent a village in Amara state forget about trying to represent millions of Amaras.

Of course anyone who committed crimes be it an oromo or not, should be held accountable.
Oromo would never burn places of worship.
That's an abyssinian extremist tactic. Example... Wollo oromo muslim warriors when fighting emperor tewodros Never touched churches but tewodros himself burnt at least 40 beautiful churches in gondar. I can post the historical account of this too. Let me know if u need or want me to do so sir.

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