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The stupidity of Meshrefet has no limit:Ambo was headig to apocalypse if z Elderlies did not intervene fast.

Post by Abdelaziz » 06 Nov 2019, 05:55

He deployed paid diqala and gudifecha cadres led by the ugly Taye Dendaw, such as the talkative illiterate named Ambo(Tesfaye Urge), who were openly instigating for an anti-Jawar and pro-Meshrefet demonstration in Ambo. However, the real ejolie youth of Ambo were ready to wipe out anyone who demonstrates in support of Meshrefet and against Jawar. When the Elderlies and Abagedas of Ambo perceived the brewing danger, they immediately banned the planned demonstration and Meshrefet's werada cadres were told to leave the town very quickly. That averted a majar destruction of Ambo and its people, completely dashing Meshrefet's dream to instigate a major and permanent rift, unhealable dispute among Oromia's youth in particular and Oromo people in general.
This in itself is enough reason to behoove Ejolie nationalists to surgically remove the mentally sick Meshrefet: ligagam Abiot Madiat, the son of a witch and Lucifer.

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