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amharas of this site or anywhere choose your battle carefully!

Post by Ibidda » 09 Oct 2019, 07:08

the current attack on oromo by the so-called amhara activists is shocking to me. i didn't understand how things can turn this ugly in a short period of time. oromo can be the biggest ally or your worst nightmare. attacking anyone like a mad dog is only destroy your region.

we have extremists and you also have extremists. the people of oromo and amhara are nothing but peace-loving people. you lose some in order to gain something.

we know what's TPLF doing to your people and land. i strongly support your struggle and i believe oromo qero and fano once again can work together to destroy TPLF for once for all. but you have to stop insulting oromo in social media. mind your miner and control your anger for the good of your people.

TPLF attacking you with all they got you shall do the same, keep blocking all the roads. destroy any business in your land that belongs to tigray people. they are the spies work day and night to destroy your region. arm your liyue police with heavy machiners. and keep your eyes open. cut all electrical poles that goes to tigray region.

the people used to work with TPLF while our people were dying, now they are acting like they are more oromo than anyone put together. just ignore them and let the people be the judge.

i lost family members during the struggle with TPLF. i want them to face justice. I'm sure most of you feel this way. but for that, we have to work together, without shooting a single bullet you can destroy tplf for good.

your are the majority in your region 95% at the minimum, any minority barking, to destabilize your region handle it with caution.

may Allah give us victory!