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Eritreans are ugly, avoid them. They are exploiting Ethiopia!

Post by EthioRedSea » 09 Oct 2019, 01:27

Ethiopians should not interact with Eritreans. Avoid them. They are not trust worthy. They cheat and are anti-Ethiopia. They hate Ethiopians to their bone. All the story they have created in Eritrea is fiction. Eritrea has been part of Ethiopia. Eritrea was given to Italy by Menelik to appease Europeans and Italians. But the Eritreans say they have never been part of Ethiopia. They tell the world proudly that they were colony of Turkey for 500 years ( they are proud that they were slaves).

Eritreans have tried to provoke Ethnic war in Ethiopia, have succeeded to an extent.
Eritreans hate Tigrayans (North Ethiopians) so much so that one wonders what the Tigrayans could have done to be hated so much . It is good for Tigrayans that Eritreans hate them because they will focus more on Ethiopia.

Ethiopians should avoid Eritreans. Do not allow Eritreans to come to Ethiopian communities. Do not buy anything from Eritrean businesses wherever they are, in Ethiopia or abroad. Build and stengthen Ethiopianism by exluding the enslaved and colonised people of Eritrea.

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