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Who were The aksumites? Not Tigrayans - They destroyed Aksum. Not Amharas because they do not live in Aksum

Post by EthioRedSea » 08 Oct 2019, 18:04

Those who lived in Aksum should have Cushites, not Amhara and Tigre or Tigrae. The Tigrae and Amhara are recent additions to Ethiopia. They have stolen the Aksumite legacies.

Those who found Aksum are African tribes who driven out by Tigrayans and Amhara.

We need to do more research who the Aksumites were? The dirty Agames are layers like The Amharas or other Tigrayans. These Tigreas or Amharas are settlers as they even do not care for the region. They want only to live at the cost of other by creating troubles, typical of an immigrant population.

We need to do proper research and find out who the Aksumites were.