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Raya should have it's own Regional State or join Oromia Regional State!

Post by EthioRedSea » 08 Oct 2019, 17:52

Raya people dance and have similar culture with Oromo people. Raya Azebo carry a stick and alo have a wrapped cloth around them as in Oromo or India or Srilanka. Raya people should have their own Regional State or join Oromia Regional State. We are going through an interesting time in Ethiopia and East Africa.

The names of the towns are in Oromo language. There is a place called Chercher which is the same name as Chercher in Harar area. This means The Oromo were in Raya and have left their marks as the people of Raya dance in the same way as do most Oromos.

Raya should not bepart of Tigray. It should be a Regional State or part of Oromia.