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Ethiopia’s Crucible: the Politics of #MeOnly and Deifying Politicians

Post by teodroseIII » 08 Oct 2019, 16:15

Observing the mayhem that is unfolding in Ethiopia, I am reminded of the tribulations that the Jews went through after escaping bondage from “Egypt”. Instead of thanking God for salvation and putting their faith in Him for direction, they turned away from their spiritual connection and embraced secularism. Out went trusting the Lord and in came idolatry; lust for power and super-sized narcissism led free people to walk in circles for two generations stranded in the desert of their own egos.

There is one particular part of the Jews’ saga that mirrors what is taking place in Ethiopia even more acutely. Just like the Jewish elders who should have known better pleaded with the Prophet Samuel for a leader—in the process letting vanity cloud their better judgement—Ethiopians today are being misdirected by vanity in choosing self-interest over the collective whole. Samuel warned the people that the leader they yearned for would put them right back into bondage and induce strife upon their children, but they were so eager to emulate what everyone else was doing that they opened up the door to a tyrant who became their new pharaoh.

It is this same desire to chase modernity at the cost of our heritage and the need to satiate egos above the needs of the collective good that has Ethiopia running head first into the abyss. A country that survived for more than 3,000 years and endured endless attempts to vanquish us from external foes is now in danger of disintegration because too many would rather care for their own tribe instead of realizing that...continued...

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