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Ethiopia should repatriate Eritreans!

Post by EthioRedSea » 08 Oct 2019, 10:08

Ethiopia should focus on it's own people. Eritreans are supporting tribal groups in Ethiopia and trying to benefit from the problems of these tribes. Eritrean government officals are supporting amhara tribalists in Bahir Dar. We should not allow such games in our country.

Eritreans aliens to Ethiopia. They should be repatriated to their country. Tigray Ethiopians do not need Eritreans.
There is no need for Eritrea to unite with Ethiopia. Ethiopians hate Eritreans as the history of Eritreans has been anti-Ethiopia.

We should try to focu on our present population getting the support of the state and uniting our people onbasis respecting their rights to live a=in Ethiopia. There is much hopelessness and bitterness among Ethiopians tribes because of the crimes committed on them be it bAmhara tribalists who re claiming this or that part of Ethiopia to belong to Amhara or The Oromo who claim all lands where Oromos live even though the Oromo had no government of their own and no territory.

We need to be fair and square to Ethiopians as citizens. We should not involve Eritreans in our affairs. We need to repatriate Eritreans to their country or to another theird country. Eritreans seem to benefit from Ethiopia's misery. Eritreans enjoy when Ethiopians fight each other. Eritreans support Amhara or Guraghe. It is interesting that Eritreans hate Tigrayans which historically part of it.

We should have no illusions in the future. We need a clearly marked ralation with Eritrea. Eritreans should pay in hard currency for their studies or should have working visas or something like similar.