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Giving rights to Oromo should not mean taking away rights from non-Oromos!

Post by EthioRedSea » 08 Oct 2019, 09:49

The Oromos are asking too much from non- Oromo Ethiopians.
Such celebrations as Irrecha has cost Ethiopia a lot of money and ha created an image problem for Ethiopia as a country. Ethiopia has been seen as a christian country, but we have a large population with animist believe bowing to mountains and trees. It is right to allow Oromos to observe Irrecha but this should not affect the life of non-Oromos.
Irrecha celebrations are done in Debrezeit or Bishoftu. So they should be continued to be observed only in Bishoftu or Debrezeit.

I think the Oromos are exploiting the situation so much that they are disrespecting non-Oromos. Such celebrations should not be allowed in the future. There should be only one or two celebrations which is common to all of us. The is the Mesqel Celberation and Chirtsmas for christians. Similar for muslims.
Why do the Oromos want to celebrate Irrecha at Mesqel Square where Ethiopian Christians celeberate Mesqel???

Would the Vatican allow the celebration of any muslim holiday in St. Pter's Sqaure? No. So should be in Ethiopia. Irrrecha should be as a pagan religion not observed at Mesqel Square.

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Re: Giving rights to Oromo should not mean taking away rights from non-Oromos!

Post by Lakeshore » 09 Oct 2019, 00:25

Get the [deleted] out of hear you don't compare galla with people and talk about right animal right group yes but no humanright for gala who sloghter his own doughter neck and pray for a tree

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