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No war between Tigray and Amhara - the differences should be resolved through negotiation

Posted: 08 Oct 2019, 09:22
by EthioRedSea
There is no need for war between Tigray and Amhara people. The Amhara tribalists should be arreted and brought to justice. Amhara and Tigray are one and the same people. It is the power mongerers in both Amhara and Tigray who wnat war.

Amhara and Tigray hould resolve their differences through negotiation. If they fight, the Oromo and somalis will benefit. The Red Sea does not belong to Afar. The Afar are Ethiopians. The Red Sea belongs to Ethiopia ( Tigray and Amhara). Only Tigray and Amhara are Ethiopians in the proper sense.