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From Netherlands with Love: Sirak Asfaw’s Crowning Discovery and an Immense Act of Goodwill

Post by Ethiopians4cm » 02 Oct 2019, 15:17

We are scattered to the wind, a savage act of brutality in the 1970’s shattered the Ethiopian monarchy and induced a horrific bloodletting throughout the country that turned millions of Ethiopians into asylum seekers. The Derg’s “Red Terror” not only eradicated more than 500,000 Ethiopians, it also created a void that led to the disappearance of countless historical artifacts.

One of these artifacts was an 18th century Ethiopian crown that was stowed away in the luggage of one of the endless stream of Ethiopians who fled their homeland to seek shelter in America, Europe and beyond. The story starts off with the arrival of Sirak Asfaw who fled Ethiopia in the late 1970s and found safety in the Netherlands.

Once Sirak settled in the Netherlands, Sirak made it a point to help others behind him. Over the next decade and a half, he hosted a litany of Ethiopians who likewise bolted overseas in a desperate attempt to escape persecution or worse. Sirak opened up his home to friends and strangers alike and provided a respite to Ethiopians who sought protection from harm in the Netherlands.

Unbeknown to Sirak, one of his guests had a most priceless treasure packed in his suitcase. As fate would have it, the guest—whom is not identified—left his luggage behind only for Sirak to...continued...

Read full article at: ... ian-crown/

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Re: From Netherlands with Love: Sirak Asfaw’s Crowning Discovery and an Immense Act of Goodwill

Post by gurre » 02 Oct 2019, 17:19

Thank you Ethiopians4cm, i know this gentle man personally, Sirak Asfaw. I am dumbfounded to read his story in ER/mereja, even though i didn’t see the gentle man for a long time.I don’t have any comment over the content of the story rather than saying it is mysterious, and why Ato Sirak Asfaw chose the publicity now? If the content of the story true, does he think it is the right time to hand over to this government?

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