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Re: ፊደል እና ቁቤ

Post by Selam/ » 26 Sep 2019, 17:59

Woyane leech - Funny, you’re now speaking through Yabello’s bunghole. I c a n n o t h e a r y o u !!!
Ethoash wrote:
26 Sep 2019, 14:08
i enjoy this discussion the problem is we r dealing with Dr. Satan low IQ ...hence i have to lower the discussion to his level ...

what yaballo saying is he doesnt date Gold-digger

Yaballo ask this beautiful Amhara girl for date but she rejected him then she find out he got DV and he is going to USA. She start calling him and telling him how much she love him.. but Yeballo told her NO! did get it he doesnt date gravedigger i mean Gold-digger ...

if u still doesnt understand i will triple damn it ...

the Amhara rule oromo for 150 years in all this time had the Amhara offer the oromo Amharic as writing system and oromo used ፊደል to write afan oromofa now if they want to switch i will say the oromo are wrong .. but that was not what happened Amhara stolen ፊደል from Golden people and claim it is their own and deny the oromo language saying the oromo language doesnt have writing system...but Amhric do have a writing system.. this is like English claim they have a writing system by borrowing from Latin ....

honestly i want the oromo to use Amharic let alone oromo i wish the whole Africa could have switched to Amhric ... thanks for buda Amhara this didnot happened remember Black African are not stupid the Amhara supremacy feeling over Black African r not unnoticed .. the amhara rub on Colonized Africa telling them in million way that Ethiopia never been colonized but it is fake .. Ethiopia do colonized for 65 years or if u dont count Eritrea five years thanks for Golden for wining Adawa war .. in short for luck of diplomatic move ፊደል lost out for English... at least Somalia even today South Sudan could use ፊደል and many other Africa countries if they adopted our flag they could have adopted our ፊደል but it doesnt mean to be...why again the reason is buda Amhara ..

now when i come back to oromo as i said it would have been great had the oromo use ፊደል but they dont so why would u beating the dead horse... u cant convince them to switch ፊደል.... hence why not let it go and find another way of expanding your ፊደል...

here is how start Afan oromfa language education in Amhara region and use ፊደል for writing Afan oromia instead of Latin, soon or later the oromo might come around when u respect their language and speak their language... switching would be easy because oromo already know ፊደል because of learning Amharic .... this is how u make deal instead of to get all the break u have to give some break for the oromo too.. when the oromo when they come to Amhara region they want to feel like home if the Amhara speak the language this is how u build the nation..

about Golden teaching their children Amharic ... so what ... as i told u it is only oromo right to say yes to ፊደል or no to ፊደል .. u cant tell them they r wrong ...we all shout our mouth if we want our unity otherwise we will break apart..

one last point look American state they have state where they kill u for committing crime .. and there are state that doesnt believe killing criminals both state respect the other right and live side by side the criminal also respect the right of the state and they committed crime when the punishment they can handle

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Re: ፊደል እና ቁቤ

Post by kibramlak » 27 Sep 2019, 07:00

simbe11, ይህን የሜዳ አህያ ይገባዋል ብለህ አትድከም፣፣
ቁቤ የራሱ እልፍ ቤት የሌለው አማርኛን በሚጠሉ የኦነግ ስደተኞች የተጠነሰሰ ነው፣፣ እነኝህ የሜዳ አህያወች ያልገባቸው ቢኖር፣ ፊደልን በመጠቀም ሌላው የኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ አንዱን ቋንቋ ከሌላው መማማር መቻሉን አለማወቃቸው ነው፣፣
simbe11 wrote:
25 Sep 2019, 16:15
You are the lead retard of TPLT thugs.
How in the world are you comparing Oromo and Arab?
Arabic has it's own alphabets. The same can be said about English, and Amharic.
Oromo lacks that. Using a domestic alphabet would benefit the Oromo language more.
Ethoash wrote:
25 Sep 2019, 15:56
ተመልከቱ እነዚህ ቡዳዋች ያላከካቸውን ሲያኩ። እኔም ኦሮሞዋች የግዕዝ ፊደል ቢጠቀሙ ደስ ባለኝ ግን በሆነ ምክን ያት አልፈልገውም አሉ ። አለቀ ደቀቀ ማስገደድ አይቻልም ካልሆነ ከአማርኛ ጋራ ፊደል ይማራሉ ኦሮሞዎች በግድ ኦሮምኛን በፊደል መፃፍ አይጠበቅባቸውም ።

ለምሳሌ አንድ ሰው አረብኛና እንግሊዘኛ ቢማር ሁልት ፊደል ነው የሚማረው ታድያ አረብኛውን ለምን በእንግሊዘኛ ፃፍ ይባላል ለሁለቱም ሁለት ፊደሎች አሉት ። ታድያ ኦሮሞዋች ኦሮምኛን በፊደል ባይፅፉትም አማርኛን ሲማሩ ፊደልን ስለሚማሩ ነገሩ አለቀ ማለት ነው። ኦሮሞዎችን አባብሎ ወድ ፊደል ማምታት ይቻል ይሆናል ግን በማስገደድ ወይ ደርቅ ባለ ውይይት ግዜ መፍጀት አያስፈልገንም ። ጠላንም ወደድንም ኦሮሞዎች ብቻ ናቸው በዚያች ምደር ላይ ቁቤ ውይ ፊደል የሚለውን ይሚመልሱት ።

የእማራ ቅይጦች ሊኖሩ ይቻሉ ። ይቻሉ ምንም ችግር የለም ሁሉ ኦሮሞ ምድር ላይ የሚኖር እናቱም አባቱም አማራም ቢሆን ኦሮምኛ የማወቅ ግዴታ አለበት ። አማርኛ በተጨማሪ ይለምዳል ። ይህ እንግዲህ አንድ ኦሮሞ አማራ ሐገር ከሄደ ደግሞ አማርኛ የመናገር ግዴታ አለበት።

ምንም ማጭበርበር የለም
for example let us try writing this in Amharic
the red fox jumped over the lazy dog (29)

ዘ ሬድ ፍክስ ጃምፕ ኦቨር ዘ ሎዚ ዶግ (17)

this look like short when u see the Amhric virsion but it took longer then that i will show u

to type ዘ i press z and e, there for it took 30 keyboard key to produce Ethiopian alphabet hence they r not short as the doctor saying it

ze rrrd foks jampa 'over ze lllzi dog (30)

again it doesnt matter what the doctor think or another think in the end the oromo will has the last word ..

now we can agree with this logic and move on or wage war.. to me base on the good doctor many ehtnic choice Amharic ፊደል take this win and run with it instead of try to enforce your wish on oromo why not make deal with them

say for example let the Amhara student lean Afan oromia base on ፊደል make afan oromia fed. language in future to work u have to know both language this kind of deal might make sense instead of try to enforce the oromo people even syaing it make u enemy hence ላታደርጉ ነገር ለምን ነገር ተቆስቁሳላቹሁ ወደዳቹሁም ጠላቹሁም ቁቤ ይማራሉ። አይማሩ ካልክ ጦር ታስነሳለህ። እንቢ በለህ እንደቡና ቤት ሴት ወሬ የምታወራ ከሆነ እነሱ ደግሞ አንተን የሚያናደድ ነገር በመስራት ድብን ያረጉሀል ።። ተው ብያለው ነገር አትፈልጉ ከኦሮሞ ጋራ።


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Re: ፊደል እና ቁቤ

Post by EthioRedSea » 27 Sep 2019, 09:20

I think Oromos should think twice before decding for Qubbe.
Geez alphabet might be better to use, not Amharic alphabete a Geez ha more alphabete.
Besides, many Oromo nationalit have died for Ethiopia and many Oromo have been using Geez alphabete.

Many Oromo are Orthodox chritian and would need to use Geez to read the Holy Bible and communicate with the Clergy.

We should find a middle way.

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Re: ፊደል እና ቁቤ

Post by habesha_union » 29 Sep 2019, 17:53

Are Eritreans, Ethiopians, Habeshas, Somalis, Horn of Africa people, and other East Africans “Black ?” (Long Story Short, We’re “Black” but …)
: ( )

Eritreans, Ethiopians, Somalis, Habeshas, Horn of Africa people, and other East Africans are “Black.” No one in these cultures and countries use the term “Black” to identify themselves though, it is actually a Western and Eurocentric concept. Most people in these areas and cultures use their pan-ethnicity, country, national origin, and/or ethnicity (when appropriate) to identify themselves.
One reason why recent Eritreans, Ethiopians, and other Horn/North-East African immigrants don’t use the term “Black” is because they do not want to be associated with the bad stereotypes on Black-African-Americans.
Another reason could be because African Americans and West Africans deny our African/Black ancestry, culture, and heritage, because we do not look like the stereotypical African person perpetuated by the West. West Africans and African Americans dominate the perception of what it means to be Black.
Some White-European-Americans, Black-African-Americans, Europeans, and West Africans believe that Africa is one [deleted] place where all Africans look the same and have similar features. Even though Africa has a wider diversity than any other continent in the World.
Most West Africans and African Americans have “kinki/nappy” hair while Most (not all) Horn of Africa peoples have curlier (or even sometimes straight) hair. Because the stereotypical West African look is more dominant in Western Culture, most people automatically assume we are not Black (also because this concept of “Black” rarely exists in these cultures, some people will mistakenly go along with this Western and Eurocetric idea).
While if you see a German or Ukrainian with blond hair, then see an Irish person with red hair, then you encounter an Italian with black hair, you automatically say they are all White/European. Why can’t you use this same concept on Africa and Africans.
On another note Eritreans, Ethiopians, and some other East Africans, and Horn of Africa people have completely different cultures from the rest of Africa, to the extent that some Westerners forget that they are even in what Westerners (Mostly European-American people but also African Americans ) thought Africa would look like.
Videos That Explain This Much Better:
The title of the Video bellow “I’M NOT BLACK | Helen Haile” is sarcastic (she believes we are Black)

The title of the Video bellow is “Are East Africans Considered Black? Somali & Sudanese | Susu & Hibs”

The title of the Video bellow is “East Africans Aren’t Black? Really?”

The title of the Video bellow is “WHAT ARE WE IF WE’RE NOT CONSIDERED BLACK ? — East African Edition”

[Update 1.3.2019 (from Instagram Comments)| We (Habesha ሐበሻ people/Horn Africans/East Africans) are of course Black but the term “Black” as an ethno-racial identity is a western (mostly but not always American) political construct. Using the term “Black” as an ethno-racial identity in a small East African town is impractical because everyone is Black, people would uses more culturally appropriate terms like a persons individual ethnicity, nationality/national origin, a pan-ethnicity, the province they come from, or the general region they come from, (this is all dependent on the context of the situation), if you don’t come into contact with Westerners (Europeans and Black & White Americans alike) regularly, you wouldn’t have an experience with labeling yourself or being labeled by the socio-political constructed identity “Black”. Horn Africans who live in the West have to adapt to this new concept of a Black identity (like I have accepted), while the ones who live back home would rarely come into a situation where they may meet someone who thinks of race/ethnicity as Black-White binary (equating Blackness & Dark skin solely with African American culture). Sometimes some people don’t know that Black people (those with ancestors from Africa) come in many different types of features and not all Black/African populations look the same. The same way some Russians look different from tanner southerners Italians or that some Irish people have Red hair while some Italians have black hair or some Germans have blond hair. Some Africans have kiniki/nappy hair while other Africans have curly hair. Some people (some Whites, African Americans, and some West Africans) try to deny us (Horn Africans; Somalis, Amhara, Tigray, Afar, Saho, Oromo, etc.) our Black Africa heritage and identity by saying that just because we look slightly different that we must have some sort of Arab or (this is far fetched but some people actually believe this) or that we have some sort of White European blood in us, and then start to question if we’re Black, while in fact we are Black Africans (even though some people don’t always encounter that term as a personal racio-cultural identity).
I hate it when people say we aren’t Black / Black enough.:
Can these people stop with this fake thing saying that Northern Ethio-Eritreans (Amhara, Tigray, etc.) are mixed with Arab when they are not. Y’all, you guys should also know that ignorant West Africans, African Americans, and White people (Europeans/European Americans) believe that Somalis, Oromos, etc. are mixed with Arabs as well when they are not. Just search up “Are Somalis Black?” on Google, there are a bunch of ignorant people that believe that Horn Africans/East Africans (Amharas, Somalis, some Anuaks, etc. alike) are mixed with Arab or White/European when in actuality we are Black and that Black Africans come in different features just like White Europeans come in different features dependent on which region of Europe they come from. Ethiopians look different from Nigerians the same way Russians look different from tanner southern Italians but both Russians and Italians are considered White while for Somalis, Ethiopians, Eritreans, and Sudanese people our Blackness comes into question.
(2) “Why do you think people view East Africans as non-blacks?: ‘In terms of our physical features we [sometimes] differ from most other African countries so may be its this? But then you need to ask what black is and its definition. It’s like saying Chinese people aren’t the real Asians because they aren’t Indians. Since when did black mean one shade of skin, one type of facial feature [, or] one type of hair texture.’” (Article title: “YOU’RE NOT REALLY BLACK” | DAUGHTER OF THE HORN ; ... lly-black/)
[Quote From Instagram: @habesha_union to @alefehelen & @_brook_y ]: No, we know we are Black, the West Africans and ~1890s Racist White European German Anthropologist (like Hiob Ludolf, Edward Ullendorff, Eduard Glaser, etc.) try to say we’re not Black when we actually are. {“Black” as a race or personal identity is a completely foreign concept for most average Ethiopians, Eritreans, Somalis, Sudanese, and FOBs (Fresh Off the Boat: an North American English informal slang term for ‘recent immigrants’) who haven’t lived in the West or come into contact with Western Media.}, {And the idea that ‘Ethiopians are mixed with Arabs’ is an unsubstantiated false claim made by German Anthropologist in the ~1890s (like Ludolf & Uledorf) at a time when White people thought that Africans/Black people were ‘uncivilized non-human savage animals’ and that Ethiopians didn’t fit into their stereotypes so the tried to make everyone think that Horn Africans aren’t Black instead of admitting to their mistake and even some Horn Africans believed them let alone West Africans and White people.} Then they end up indoctrinating Horn Africans (Somalis, Ethiopians, Eritreans, /Habesha/, etc.) making us doubt our own Blackness/Africanness.”
[Quote From Instagram: @yelenyim ]: “This [deleted] is embarrassing af!!!😖 “Habesha” similar to Hispanic/Latino is about a shared culture/region… it is not about race!!!! 👏🏿WE’RE👏🏾FUCKING👏🏽BLACK👏🏼Even with [supposed (but unsubstantiated)] admixture from Arabs&Jews we tend to be mostly [if not all] sub-Sharan African…. when considering the population as a whole this is very apparent. Obviously there r exceptions but they r rare. So please stop bringing shame to us all with all this “I’m black not Habesha” bs and understand that you’re likely both.”
[@habesha_union addressing @lydia_michaellllll and @ladyelsabel]: “Y’all know that these Ancestry DNA tests always confuse/can’t differentiate between East Africans (specifically Horn Africans) and Middle Easterners/Western Asians (specifically Arabs). One of the reasons why is because they have limited data on Horn Africans and they compare Nilo-Cushitic (Northeast Africa-Horn of Africa)
(Most of these statements — — comes from the comments section of BunaTime (@habeshacomedies)’s video post asking people to comment on this video. While others come from Elsabel @ladyelsabel an Eritrean of London, England, United Kingdom-UK’s post — ) ].
[Edit 2/21/2019: Comment taken from YouTube (link bellow)
By @habts02 (YouTube):
“This question is ridiculous. What is your definition of ‘Black’??? Please understand that ‘Black’ is a COLOR, and not a nationality or ethnic group!!! Race is a construct created by Caucasians. Non-Westerners do not understand and/or embrace this. It’s Americans that use color or ‘race’ to identify themselves, and most African-Americans identify themselves as ‘Black’. Look through the bible, and notice that you will NEVER see people identified by ‘black’, ‘white’ or ‘yellow’. The rest of the Non-Western world identify by your nationality or ethnic group. It is ridiculous to ask an African or anyone else this question. If you ask an Asian how they identify you will never hear ‘Yellow’. They will tell you Korean, or Japanese, etc… If you want to identify as ‘Black’ then that is your prerogative, but ‘race’ is not used or even understood in the rest of the world.
Then you’re asking him if Ethiopians and Eritreans are ‘mixed’ and not original Africans because they most are not as dark as some other ethnic groups? African-Americans are ‘mixed’. Your questions are very rude and intentionally divisive- “Why did Ethiopia and Eritrea war?” “Are you mixed?” “Why are Ethiopians the most arrogant?” “What are you stereotypes against Africa-Americans?” You want him to say he considers himself Arab, that he has no respect for African-Americans, that Ethiopians are arrogant and that as an Eritrean he hates Ethiopians- none of which he did. The bottom line is that ‘Black’ is NOT YOUR nationality, but if you choose to label yourself as such we will not chastise you, nor tell you that you lack knowledge of self and have an identity crisis. Africans know that we are labeled as Black when we come to America, but we know that is a way of wiping out our true identities which are linked to our ethnic groups, nationalities, language, cultures and customs.
The real issue/question is- Why is it sooo important for African-Americans to hear Africans identify as Black and not state our countries?
Carribean people don’t have this issue. When Africans meet they ask each other where they are from and are never offended by their answers: Nigerian, Ghanaian, Ethiopian, etc.”
By @SylviasWorld (YouTube):
“I think Africans don’t see themselves generally as Black because their national and tribal identity is what defines them and it’s a foreign concept to be honest. The concept of Black in the west is BECAUSE there are lots of different races, so everyone has to have a compartment. Even Chimamanda Adichie said the same that she only heard the term Black when she came to America. I don’t think any Black American can really talk about and impose themselves as the custodian of who is black and who is not due to race mixing because most have a non African ancestor due to slavery no matter what skin tone they are today. In Africa Black means dark actually and not Black as a race as it does in the west.”
By @yorsalem ambasajer (YouTube):
“lol this is funny . i am fully eritrean ( i know my grandparents names and their grandparents names and so on and they are all eritrean names not arabic) . but i am light skin with long curly hair so i get mistaken for being mixed and my sister is brown with really long hair and when she straightens her hair she gets mistaken for being asian . my grandpa is light skin like me with green eyes . but his eyes pop out cause it looks unusual. Because of the climate in eritrea and ethiopia our skin tones vary even within our family. we are black . habesha is just a term to unite ethiopians and eritreans however some people mistake it for being a race .”
— — —
by Habesha Union (YouTube):
“Most of West-Central-Southeast Africa are mostly Bantu. There are pockets of Khoisan in South Africa. Most of the Horn of Africa/Northeast Africa (south of and excluding most of Egypt) is either Cushitic or Niolitic. In North Africa among the native Africans there, there are the indigenous Berbers, Copts, and a few others that in modern times are mixed Colonizing Arabs. Then you have African-Americans, Afro-Carbians, and Afro-Latinos who are mixed with African, European/White, Native American, and maybe even some Asian admixture. The Bantus, Cushitic Peoples, Niolitic Peoples, Berbers, Copts, Khoisan, among a few others that I might have missed are indigenous to Africa. Bantus aren’t the only Africans or Black peoples, that notion is racist, Bantucentric and Eurocentric.”
— —
Habesha Union | ሐበሻ:[💚💛❤️💙] [FOR THE ModernRealLife Pan-Ethnic #Habesha CULTURE+HISTORY+COMEDY] From Around The World [via: @habesha_union][Inspired by:BunaTime @habeshacomedies]

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