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I said in 1997: Working with woyane is destroying Ethiopia and I will repeat now!

Post by gurre » 23 Sep 2019, 09:52

I said in 1997 : working with woyane is destroying ethiopia after a visit to ethiopia.
Now working with, cooperating and giving support in any form to this oromo led government is tantamount to a complete destruction of what is left of this Ethiopia. Do that on your own merit: just like you did in the woyane times, you will be slave, beaten with vengeance and inferiority complex far worse than that of woyanes.
The oromos elites controlled the military, the police, the security, the media and on their way the economy under consent of the amhara elites, called ADP.
And what is new this time is they created an organized mob army which can be called on any time, they showed this up in the so called ‘Ireecha run for peace’.
Any Amhara party for that matter any party who is working with the oromo led government is like giving a rope to hang oneself.
Any solution to a problem begins by defining the problem as it is not as you wish it will be!!!

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