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Meshrefet is just like the bloodthirsty witch called Aung San Suu Kyi

Post by Abdelaziz » 12 Sep 2019, 03:16

The west showered her with Awards, including Nobel Peace Prize, but she took power and became the worst bloodthirsty fascist in the history of that country. She ended up burying people alive. The west scrambled to take back the awards they gave her, but she refused and started to fabricate countless many fake awards being given to her from many international and Asian organizations. Meshrefet also became the worst bloodthirsty individual in Ethiopian history, it is thought that at least 120,000 Ethiopians have died since he took power. The West was itching to give him big awards in order to encourage him to weaken the multi-national federal system and the developmental democratic economic system. But once the west learned about his fascistic tendencies and genocidal inclinations, they were wondering if he is the wrong person in the wrong time for them and for Ethiopia, and soon after some investigation on his dangerous antics they started to avoid contacts with him, and frustrated with that, he stated to manufacture fake awards being given to him almost every week from some hitherto unknown esoteric organizations such as the recent fake award he got from his Bantu boyfriend.
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